Markus Captain Kaarlonen
Work history by fields
Music and sound
Production / co-production of all Poets of the Fall and several Aikakone albums, including composition, arrangements, recording, mixing and playing / programming multiple instruments (keyboards, strings, drums, bass, effects, etc.)
Song production for several Remedy Entertainment games as Old Gods of Asgard (Alan Wake 1 & 2, Control), including the interactive / dynamic rock songs Herald of Darkness and Take Control
Music production and remixes for several Finnish artists
Soundtracks and sound FX for several Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmarks and other products
Soundtracks for games, movies and trailers (Shattered Horizon, AG Drive, Rochard, Levottomat)
Miscellaneous sound, dialogue and music production / editing for the games Max Payne 1 and 2
Well-known mods Space Debris & Beyond Music for the Amiga / tracker platform
Audio DSP effects and algorithms for Neural DSP (C++)
Audio DSP modules for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular (Java)
Full-stack design and development of the website builder and content management platform FMS, including database structure, SQL / PHP / HTML / JavaScript coding, admin tools, etc.
Design, HTML / CSS and server side coding of several websites built on FMS, including &
JSP / HTML coding for Futuremark’s ORB (Online Result Browser) for viewing/comparing PC gaming benchmark results
JavaScript / DHTML UI engine design & coding for Futuremark / Microsoft Game Advisor
PC system info XML / CSS dynamic templates for 3DMark
Video, photography & graphic design
Alexander Theatre Sessions: Acoustic live videos for Poets of the Fall - directing, filming, editing & production
Temple of Thought, studio live video for Poets for the Fall: production and editing
Lyric videos, social media commercials and ID tags for Poets of the Fall: filming, editing & production
Photos for album / single covers, booklets & band merchandise
Graphic / user interface design for websites, social media ads, posters & single covers
Work history by years
Dance Nation: one of the early Finnish EDM bands - band member & music production
Music Makers, M2 Productions & Aikakone: Music and sound production for various artists, movies, commercials, etc.
Futuremark / Web design & development, coding (web apps, database, GUI, etc), music & sound production, user community administration & support
Poets of the Fall: Band member, music production (composing, recording, mixing, arrangements, performing & programming various instruments), web & social media work, video editing, photography
Neural DSP: Freelance sound design and audio effects coding
Music production including composing, arranging, mixing and mastering
Programming / markup / scripting languages like Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, XML. Rudimentary skills in Python, etc.
All common desktop operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux)
Unix system basics, shell scripts, etc.
Database fundamentals (MySQL)
Photoshop & Lightroom (GUI work, photo editing, etc.)
Final Cut Pro X (video editing & production)
Logic Pro X (music and sound production)
Rudimentary knowledge of PC hardware & components
Fundamental user interface & user experience concepts
Fundamental graphic design concepts
Video & photography (cameras, file & broadcast formats, editing, photo processing, etc.)
Basics of 3D graphics and modeling
Fundamental audio DSP concepts
Multiple gold and platinum records for Aikakone and Poets of the Fall albums
Multiple Finnish album chart #1 spots with Poets of the Fall
Best dance remix of the year (Aikakone: Neiti Groove)
Two music competition wins on the Amiga (Space Debris & Beyond Music)
Several industry awards for game soundtrack co-production
Hobbies & free time
Games, movies & TV shows
Science books & videos (mathematics, physics, psychology)

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