Photo by Tiia Öhman
I'm a producer, composer, coder and occasional video editor & photographer. Here's a little FAQ sort of thing.
Where does the name Captain come from?
Short answer: I don’t remember exactly... but I do remember some fuzzy stories and details which might explain it.
Long answer:
When I was a kid, my parents returned from a holiday trip and told me there was a “captain Kaarlonen” (no relation) piloting the airplane on their flight. This was kind of a funny coincidence, since it’s not a very common last name in Finland.
A little later in life, I was playing the submarine game Silent Service on the good old Commodore 64. If I recall correctly, you could type your name in the game, and I thought ”Captain Kaarlonen” sounded pretty cool. (Not sure if you could really type your name, or if I just imagined a name for the game character.)
Even later, when I was starting to make my own music on the Amiga, I needed a scene handle. I don’t remember when exactly I actually used ”Captain” to sign my work for the very first time, but after a while, it just stuck... and here I am with the same nickname, several years later.
What camera are you using?
Most of the photos here are taken with a Samsung NX-1, some with an iPhone 6 or 7.
Are you in Poets of the Fall? Did you make the song Space Debris?
Yes and yes. You can also check my CV.
What music do you listen to?
All kinds. Take a look at my Spotify playlist, and you'll get an idea. Warning: it's a complete mess of songs from various genres in no particular order. But I like it that way.
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